Social Video

Social Video Marketing is a Must for Your Business You probably already know that video has overtaken the social media landscape. It seems that everyone has seen cute kitten videos, Gangham style flash mobs, the “Evolution of Dance,” any of Jimmy Fallon’s lip sych-offs, or have replayed Super Bowl commercials over and over again. The… Read More Social Video

Content Curation

Just a List of Stuff – Content Curation

Sources of News to Curate: Industry specific newsletters sent to you via email Links to content and media shared on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit and other social sharing websites Google Alerts, Google News or Google+ Search Curation tools: Flipboard,, Real-time search engines: Topsy, Niche topic blogs News aggregators: Alltop, popurls, Techmeme Bookmark… Read More Just a List of Stuff – Content Curation

Content Curation

Content Curation Can Achieve Marketing Objectives

Lee Odden’s book Optimize discusses the importance of content curation in achieving marketing objectives: Efficient, topically focused collection of information that appeals to customers looking for a “single source” on a particular topic. Grows awareness of your brand as a topical authority based on adding insight to industry commentary. Facilitates networking into spheres of influence… Read More Content Curation Can Achieve Marketing Objectives


Slowly, but surely

Slowly, but surely, this website is being updated. I am trying to gather old information, new information, and stuff that I think is just plain cool. Being a mom is taking first place right now as is my position at Integro Technologies. But stay tuned. More to come. I promise!