Content Curation

Content Curation Best Practices

Content Curation is pretty much what it sounds like. Much like a curator of a museum, a content curators collect reputable information, content, and articles that matter most to their audience and share that content in a meaningful way. Some content is created, but it is in the packaging and sharing and dissemination of information that is more significant than in authoring brand new content all the time.

curateHere are a few best practices for content curation:

  • Don’t plagiarize or steal information. Repackage it. Refashion it. Make it engaging to your audience. But be sure to cite your sources and give credit where credit is due. Hyperlinks are great for this. And, it will show that you have integrity and are using trustworthy sources.
  • Mix original content with found content FREQUENTLY. And share this content on all of your business’s social media networks. This creates good content and also, effective inbound links which affect Google rankings.
  • Engage your audience rather than sell them stuff. One out of every seven posts should actually be directly about your business.

Many small businesses tend to burn themselves out trying to create new content for their websites and blogs. Creating content from the ground up is very time consuming and is a brain drain at times. As the internet is a breadth of content already, why not use the content in a fresh way to connect to your audience?


 *Originally posted on the Salisbury Post Digital Blog in 2014


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