5 Tips for Optimizing Instagram for Business

Many people are ditching social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for Instagram. According to comScore, as of October 2013, there were over 35 million selfies posted on Instagram and the average Instagram user spent 257 minutes accessing Instagram, compared to 169.9 minutes spent on Twitter. Businesses can utilize Instagram in a number of ways. Below are some tips for optimizing Instagram.

  1. Complete your profile. Make sure you fill in all the sections on your profile. Leave a link to your Facebook page, twitter page, and website. Your prospects will want to check out your various profiles to find out more about your services/products. This will lead to more followers on your other platforms.
  2. Show off your products. Everyone loves to browse products, so use Instagram to allow your followers to do some window-shopping. Having your followers interested and engaged will fully maximize the potential of Instagram. See how brands are harnessing the power of Instagram here.
  3. Introduce your employees. Humanize your brand by using Instagram to introduce your fans to the people behind your company. It’s a great way to show your the personality of your brand.
  4. Take your followers with you. If you are going to a trade-show or conference, use that opportunity to take your fans with you by sharing interesting photographs. Your fans might not be able to attend, but through you, they will be better able to share the experience.
  5. Take relevant photos. Whether they are photos of your company, employees, or current events, make certain that they are relevant and current. Every photo you take isn’t going to fit with the identity of your company. Make sure that you are taking and posting the right type of pictures that accurately reflect your brand.