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3 Tips for Niche Marketing

I am a Marketing Specialist for a wonderful company, Integro Technologies. It is a fantastic place to work. But many people in the community consistently ask me, “But, what do they do?”

Integro Technologies is a machine vision integrator, and if you don’t know what that is, you are not alone. Most people don’t look for our services until they need us.

In a nutshell, Integro Technologies solves problems that occur in manufacturing. They design hardware and software that assist with quality control measures. Many of their clients are Fortune 500 companies, and their partnerships span the globe.

As you can imagine, marketing the company can be, at times, a challenge. It is vital that clients can find us when they are looking for us- immediately.

Our range of clients is so vast, and they are Google searching different keywords and phrases to find us. They may or may not know our name. Many clients come to us based on referral. Many clients come back to us over and over again.

The key is being found, and being found on page one. And, hopefully in the top three.

Integro Technologies is indeed a niche market. Here are a few suggestions if you too are marketing a highly-specific industry.

Identify Your Audience

It is critical to know who your audience is. According to WordStream, “It’s not enough to know the basics – age range, income, marital status – without a deeper understanding of more granular attributes your target markets might have. The
smaller your market, the better you have to know your customers.”

In our company, we often are not looking to market to the CEOs and CFOs. Our audience is the Plant Manager, the Design Engineer, or the Quality Control Manager. This means that our marketing efforts are centered around their interests. Writing detailed personas of your audience, based on collected data within your company, will spearhead your marketing direction.

Pique Interest

Consider that your audience consists of real, actual people, because it does. What interests do they have outside of work? Discover what that is, and show up there.

Are they watching YouTube videos about 3D imaging? No? Well, our audience is. So, we are creating videos and content about 3D imaging.


Marketing is holistic. Provide content that will pique your audience’s interest. Then, when they are in need of your services, you will be at top of mind awareness.

Hey, remember when that company did a 3D imaging video of a guy pretending to be the wolfman with “Thriller” playing in the background? Or when that company had too much fun 3D scanning Legos and SunChips? Yup. You too can view it here.

Invest in Advertising

Depending on where your audience is, invest your marketing dollars in the digital arena. Sponsored posts on LinkedIn will provide greater visibility to a targeted audience. Facebook status boosting and Twitter advertising are extremely profitable if your audience is utilizing those platforms.

Google AdWords is still top-dog, though. At Integro, we want our AdWords to be prominent, but we also want our content to stand out and dominate page one of Google. Don’t we all?

 Niche Marketing Can Be Fun!

I am a strong proponent of niche marketing because I think it forces me to be creative, and it is really fun. It sounds cliché, but you really do have to think outside the box.

I would very much like to know what niche marketing ideas and suggestions you have. If you are a marketer in a niche market (or not), I’d love to hear what strategies work for you.