3 Reasons Pinterest is Awesome (in case you didn’t know)

FallInLovePinterestSurely, you have used Pinterest. You must have seen the gorgeous photography and amazing ideas for life and business. Or, like us, you have spent hours looking at memes.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account for your business, you may be missing out. Not only do you have the opportunity to showcase your business to a vast audience, but there are some awesome business conversions that can happen if you have a Pinterest account and use it effectively.

  1. Pinterest Creates Amazing SEO for Your Website– If you use professional and user-generated photography, engaging descriptions, fitting page descriptions, and add hyperlinks to your business’s website, the backlinks created by Pinterest boost your SEO tremendously. Pinterest verifies accounts and businesses, and is seen as a certified and creditable source, thereby making your business certified and credible too. Not to mention, it drives substantial traffic to your website alone. Imagine if your pin went viral!


  1. Pinterest Builds Your Targeted Demographic– Because of the platform itself, it is difficult to stumble upon something you weren’t looking for in the first place. If you are looking for “kids’ organization ideas”, it is unlikely that you will find “cooking for your vegan Pekinese” on the same page. Pinterest is highly categorical. You may find some surprisingly cool stuff, but it is typically in the category you were searching to begin with. Therefore, it inherently is niche. The demographic you want to look at your business will be searching out the categories your business (and Pinterest “pins”) fall under. You will be hitting and expanding within your targeted demographic.


  1. Shareability Factor of Pinterest is Immeasurable – Pinterest is a fairly new platform, and it is morphing the social media scenery. People are “liking” pins, “sharing” pins, and “repinning.” The account of origin is always attached to the pin, so people are in essence, aiding in the branding of your business when they share a “pin” from your boards. Pins become mini- commercials and branding opportunities for your business. What you pin, how you pin, and how often you pin speaks to the ways in which you wish your business to be seen by consumers. And because it is such a shareable platform, your pins must be worthy of sharing. Be sure that your pins represent your business in an authentic way. To say a “pin” is worth a thousand words is an understatement.